Coming Soon & WIPs

Title: Permanent Ink (with Avon Gale)
Series: Art & Soul #1
Length: 60K+
Genre/Tropes: M/M romance, contemporary, May/December
Status: In Progress
Expected release date: August 2017
Publisher: Riptide


Punk-ass skater graffiti artist + grumpy, takes-no-shit tattoo artist (who also happens to be his father’s best friend).


Title: Off the Ice (with Avon Gale)
Series: Hat Trick #1
Length: 70K+
Genre/Tropes: M/M, contemporary, hockey romance, opposites attract, age gap
Status: Accepted, in edits
Expected release date: October 2017
Publisher: Riptide


First in a planned hockey romance trilogy. Grouchy Puerto Rican sociology professor meets earnest Midwestern pro hockey player – with a dash of kink.


Title: SLOBH
Series: Hard Hats, #3
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Length: TBD
Genre: M/M, contemporary romance
Status: In Progress
Expected release date: TBD

Tentative Blurb:

Gavin Pollock laments the state of his love life. Painful experiences in his past have left him wary of a certain type of man. Unfortunately, that happens to be the type Gavin is most attracted to. When he meets strong, gentle Riley Madchen, Gavin thinks he might’ve finally found the man he can risk opening his heart to. But then there’s Oliver Greyson, nephew to the CEO Gavin works for, who Gavin has never taken seriously—until the day it becomes apparent Oliver’s sights are set on him.

Oliver is exactly the sort of man Gavin shouldn’t want. Rich, slick, arrogant, and too gorgeous to be anything but the playboy he’s rumored to be. Gavin’s mind screams danger while his body yearns for the pleasure Oliver’s eyes promise. Yet he’s also drawn to Riley’s sweet smiles, boyish charm, and the surety that he’ll always know his place in Riley’s affections.

Two men, two different possibilities. Relationships have never been easy for Gavin. Now he has a critical choice to make. On the one side, desire and security, the other a passion that threatens to burn him alive. But which man can give Gavin what he longs for most? Love.


Please note: All dates are subject to change, but I keep this schedule updated to the best of my ability. 

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