Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the entire “Portland Pack Chronicles” series be about Dylan and Avery? Will there be more books?

No, only Prickly Business and Prickly By Nature will feature Dylan and Avery as leads. There will be more, but books three and on will be written solely by Kenzie Cade. For further information, read my announcement here.

2. When is Ringing True (Wanting #2) coming out?

I’m not sure if this book will ever be written, to be honest. I’ve waffled over a couple different plot ideas, but I’m not in love with either one. Laurie and Jo’s story might just be complete as it is.

3. Will there be another book in the “Clumsy Cupid Guidebooks” series? If so, when can we expect it?

Short answer: I’m not sure. We had the next book planned, and it was meant to be Ty’s story. But at the time, there were major things going on in both my and Xara’s lives. Before we knew it, years had passed, and as of now, the fate of the series is up in the air. I apologize that I can’t give a better answer.

4. Will there be any more books in the “One Thing” series?

No, sorry. The series stands complete with One Small Thing and One True Thing.

5. Where are the free stories you wrote for the M/M Romance Group’s Dear Author/Don’t Read in the Closet events?

Unfortunately, due to a computer meltdown in late spring/early summer of 2018, I just discovered I’ve apparently lost the files for all my short freebies, save for Wanting and The Truth About Forever, which you can find at those respective links. I’m sorry for the inconvenience!

6. What are you working on now?

See my coming soon page for details about current projects as well as tentative blurbs and expected release dates.


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Last updated: September 2018.

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