Guest Post: Master/Slave Erotica in “Serve Me” by Fox Lee

Hi, Fox Lee here. I write gay erotica. I used to write horror as Natalie Sin, but I wasn’t happy. For one, people in my books usually died before I could get them naked. Or something scary showed up and took the plot in a direction other than penis. I have been published previously in many fine anthologies that I sincerely hope resulted in countless hard-ons. That’s the dream, people. To present a well-written, gripping story that becomes the motivation behind tissue genocide.

One person who does not go running for the tissues after reading my stories is my husband (a hot Asian guy). He is straight and a man of science. The perfect person to check for grammar and various other errors without being distracted by a happy feeling in his man zone. Also, unlike me, he reads what is there instead of what should be. So he checks everything I write before I submit it. Also he buys me coffee so I don’t get bored while he does it. (Sorry ladies, this bass is already stuffed and mounted.)

Storm Moon Press has unleashed a whole new Hell for my husband in the form of their Serve Me anthology. This is a man who reads martial arts novels in the original Chinese. While he finds erotica fascinating on a Spock-like level, he does not lean towards it. Much less novellas. He is also a gentleman. As opposed to, say, the yakuza fellow in my story. His name is Takashima, and he is, according to my husband, an asshole. Takashima is mean. Takashima is rude. Takashima does very mean/rude things to a nice young man named Yuta.

I disagree. I know Takashima well, and he is a lovely person. He’s also a violent member of the yakuza with a larger than average cock. But I know plenty of people will agree with my husband. In their minds, sex is about give and take. Sharing and respect. They aren’t wrong. But they aren’t Takashima. More importantly, they aren’t Yuta.

I don’t know if Yuta enjoys bondage. That’s really his business. I know he likes Takashima. They’re a cute couple. Even their “how we met” story is adorable. In my opinion anyway, but keep in mind I cut my teeth writing horror. Not that I think my short story, “Takashima’s Pet”, in the Serve Me anthology is anything like that. There are people in the world that want to be owned. Who are we to tell them no? Is love any less real at the end of a leash? Is a spanking less intimate than a kiss? If a virgin loses his cherry to the rough love of a yakuza thug, do any fewer angels get their wings?

The answer is no. Master and slave relationships will not cause hurricanes or ruin the sanctity of missionary style sex with the lights off. Leather-clad daddies are not going to storm the streets, grabbing young men by the hair and dragging them into their dungeons. That’s what the internet is for. Serve Me is a celebration of how hot it is when one (or more than one) man dominates another. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Just like I don’t read books about furry sex, though, for the record, I support it.

Call me a romantic, but I prefer one on one. Not that I’m religious about it. In fact, I recently wrote a short story called “Yakuza Bitch” that lacks the emotional bonding of “Takashima’s Pet”. Oddly, there is a lot more consent. While we’re at it, I wouldn’t say Furry stories are out. Writers evolve; they imagine hot guys in animal suits. But for now, I’m interested in hot guys and the men they love to enslave. Asian men, because no one is fucking hotter to me than Asian men.

Let’s face it, not everyone needs a spanking, but a lot want to read about it. With Serve Me, you can have your cake without worrying about calories (or rope burns). Or maybe you’re between significant spankers and need something to tide you over. Or you’re a proactive master who likes to know what other master/slaves are up to, even the fictional ones. The main thing is that you’re a horny pervert who likes to read. Buddha bless you. I, too, am a horny pervert. Now, if you will excuse me, my novel isn’t going to write itself.

For some people, there’s nothing more appealing than the idea of a man forced to serve against his will, as a second-class citizen: a slave. Despite the dark history surrounding forced servitude and slavery, there remains a growing desire for depictions of fetishized slavery fantasies. Like rape fantasy, the appeal for readers in slave fiction lies not in a desire for the actual act, but in the ability to explore such things in a safe space. Many people harbor a secret wish to be forced into certain acts that they know they want, but have been socially conditioned to abhor. Such is the core of the Serve Meanthology. Be warned: these are not stories of consensual, negotiated power exchange. The stories in this anthology focus on true sexualized, erotic slavery: stories of men forced, coerced, or otherwise bound into a second-class life servicing another in whatever ways their master sees fit.


Idris is part of The Spoils of war: the last surviving member of a barbarian clan, he is famed in the gladiatorial arena for his bloody ruthlessness and outside the arena for his carnal appetites. His inner beast is calmed by the presence of his slave and lover, Theo, but to be true to his heart, Idris may have to risk breaking it. Samuel has spent years striving toward the Viscount’s circles, where rich and fantastical parties are given and elaborate slave auctions held. He thinks he wants a young lover, but when he buys an Adonis known as Apollo, he realizes what he was truly missing. Now Apollo gives the orders, and it is Samuel saying, As You Wish. Life is Unforgivingfor Aidan and Aaron, criminals who have been doomed to live as slaves to vampire masters, whose appetites can be agony… or bliss. When Aidan is given a new lease on life with a benevolent Master, his relief is tainted by pain at leaving Aaron behind; pain which only his Master Ryce has the power to end. Yuta is a gentle giant who joins a local gang for the sense of family that they can provide, but when they leave him high and dry in the middle of a failed heist, it’s his captor, Takashima, who shows him what family can really mean as the vicious gang enforcer tenderly turns him into Takashima’s Pet.


Serve Me – Now Available in ebook and print from Storm Moon Press!
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